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Introducing Toenail Reconstruction

Do you have damaged or unsightly nails that you find difficult to manage or conceal?

Unsightly nails may be due to fungal infection, thickening, nail trauma or split nails. Whatever the reason, we know it can cause a lot of embarrassment. Toenail reconstruction provides a cosmetic solution to a problem that many suffer with for years by repairing, rebuilding or covering the nail to form a new 'prosthetic' nail.

This treatment is great if you have a holiday or special occasion and want your feet to look their best. It can be applied to any nail condition provided there is some nail to attach it to. Lifted, damaged, thickened or fungal nails are transformed and restored.

The process involves layering a heat cured, flexible resin gel designed for toenails called Wilde-Pedique. The product is hypo-allergenic and has anti-fungal properties due to micro-silver particles. The slight flexibility of the prosthetic nail means it is less likely to break in shoes than the harder, acrylic nails used for finger nails and usually lasts longer.

What happens during an appointment?

At the initial consultation the nails and skin are assessed, and a medical history taken to ensure there are no contraindications to treatment. The nail is then prepped using a nail drill to painlessly smooth the nail ready for application. The product is applied in layers and cured using a nail lamp and the nail is shaped to fit your nailbed. The new nail can be treated like a normal nail and cut, filed or painted with nail polish.

This pain free procedure takes approximately 1 hour and starts from £40 for 1 big toenail plus an initial consultation fee. It usually lasts 4 to 6 weeks but can last up to 8 weeks and is popular through the summer months.

The pictures below show before and after pictures of fungal and damaged big toenails that have been transformed by Anna using Wilde Pedique.

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