Foot Therapy & Reflexology

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Reflexology works on the principle of locating and massaging reflex points on the feet which correspond with different parts of the body. Reported benefits include tension release, deep relaxation, improved sense of wellbeing and better sleep.


Reflexology is not used to treat specific conditions, but complements medical treatments and works particularly well for conditions exacerbated by stress. The best way to see if Reflexology works for you, is to give it a try!

Anna trained in Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Massage in 2010 and is a member of the Association of Reflexologists.

The initial treatment includes a consultation, to build a picture of your health including diet, lifestyle and stress levels. This provides the foundation for an individually tailored course of treatments, should you require this.

Reflexology  £50

Feet are sprayed with a refreshing foot mist and treatment begins with a soothing foot massage. The entire foot is worked using a specific 'thumb walking' technique. A relaxing foot and calf massage completes the treatment. NB: Reflexologists can not diagnose or treat specific medical conditions. 

Foot massage £40

A soothing foot and lower leg massage combining Eastern & Western techniques to relieve tension, provide relaxation and improve general wellbeing.

Add on Foot massage £20

A 15 minute relaxing foot massage can be added to any podiatry treatment.

Warm paraffin Wax £40

A deep heat treatment to help relieve pain & stiffness. Also helps soften and smooth the skin. Feet are massaged with an essential oil blend. Warm wax is applied to the foot using a soft skin brush. Feet are then enclosed in heated booties to enhance the therapeutic effect. Provides temporary relief from arthritic pain and dry skin conditions.