A deeply relaxing foot therapy which supports your body to find balance and calm. Reflex points on the foot (and hands, ears or face), are thought to correspond with different parts of the body. During a treatment the Reflexologist will use thumb pressures to work methodically over each reflex point.


Reflexology is not used to treat specific conditions, but complements medical treatments and works particularly well for conditions exacerbated by stress. The best way to see if Reflexology works for you, is to give it a try!

Anna trained in Reflexology in 2010 and is a member of the Association of Reflexologists.


The initial treatment includes a consultation, to build a picture of your health including diet, lifestyle and stress levels. This provides the foundation for an individually tailored course of treatments, should you require this.

Reflexology £45 

Treatment begins with a soothing foot massage. The therapist will then work over the entire foot using a specific 'thumb walking' technique to cover the reflex points of the body. A relaxing foot and calf massage ends the treatment.

Hot stone reflexology £50

The addition of hot basalt stones to warm the feet, allows a the therapist to work deeper into the reflex points and the heat can have a therapeutic effect on painful arthritic conditions in the feet and ankles.

Aroma-reflexology £50

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils from plants. Incorporating essential oils adds an extra element of relaxation. Anna uses a choice of blended oils and an essential oil diffuser to disperse a fine aromatic mist around the room and stimulate the senses.

Add on Foot massage/reflexology taster £20

A 20 minute relaxing foot massage or reflexology taster treatment can be added to any podiatry treatment.

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