Aesthetic, Cosmetic & Therapeutic footcare

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For many people the appearance of their feet is a significant source of embarrassment. Addressing aesthetic concerns, helps you to feel more confident about having your feet on show. Toenail reconstruction specifically addresses damaged/unsightly toenails whilst a medical pedicure is a complete overhaul of the feet! We also offer foot therapies aimed at relieving tension and aiding relaxation.

Medical Pedicure £58/£68

This treatment is a fusion between a medical podiatry treatment and luxurious pedicure.

Level 1 medipedi includes a refreshing foot cleanse, exfoliation, podiatry assessment and treatment, rehydrating nail oil and intensive moisturisation with a foot balm massage to finish.

Level 2 medipedi includes all of the above plus the application of a podiatrist approved nail polish. Please bring sandals/flip flops if choosing this option. 

Toenail Reconstruction from £42 (1 toe)

A prosthetic nail is created to restore the appearance of damaged or unsightly toenails. A resin gel designed for toenails is layered over the damaged nail and cured under an LED lamp. The gel is flexible and bonds strongly with the nail for a long lasting result. The nail lasts 4 to 8 weeks on average. Ideal for summer months or before a holiday or party.


Foot & calf massage £45/£65

A foot and calf massage combining Eastern & Western massage & mobilisation techniques to promote relaxation and release of muscle & joint tension. This can be a stand alone treatment or add on to a podiatry treatment.

Warm paraffin Wax £45

A deep heat treatment to help relieve pain & stiffness. Also helps soften and smooth the skin. Feet are massaged with an essential oil blend. Warm wax is applied to the foot using a soft skin brush. Feet are then enclosed in heated booties to enhance the therapeutic effect. Provides temporary relief from arthritic pain and dry skin conditions.

Thai Foot Massage £45

Thai Foot Massage is a foot & leg treatment combining traditional Thai Yoga Massage techniques with Thai reflexology. The feet and legs are massaged thoroughly and the reflexology aspect is done using a traditional Thai massage stick. Pressure is adjusted according to patient preference for a relaxing, therapeutic treatment that will leave you walking on air!