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Complimentary Therapy and
Cosmetic Podiatry


Wilde Pedique Toenail Reconstruction

This is a cosmetic treatment to restore the appearance of damaged or unsightly toenails. An acrylester resin gel designed specifically for toenails is layered over the damaged nail and cured under a UV lamp. The gel is more flexible than acrylic used for fingernails and bonds strongly with the nail for a long lasting result. Micro-silver particles in the gel have anti-fungal properties, helping prevent the spread of infection. The nail can be trimmed, filed and polished as you would a normal nail.

Luxury Integrated Podiatry

This hour-long treatment combines podiatry with complementary therapy for feet. Treatment includes a refreshing foot spritz, full podiatry treatment of skin & nails, skin exfoliation and a choice of relaxing foot therapy using natural & ethical skin products.


Reflexology provides relaxation to improve overall wellbeing. ​ The therapy begins with a short foot massage followed by the application of thumb pressures to different points on the feet and finishes with a relaxing foot & leg massage.  Reflexology is a complementary therapy and can be used alongside medical treatment.  Reflexologists cannot diagnose medical conditions or any abnormality in the body.


Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils from plants.  A choice of 3 essential oil blends are used in a foot & leg massage using high quality oils.  ​ In addition to the massage, a steam diffuser disperses the essential oil aroma throughout the treatment room for a wonderfully relaxing experience.

Hot Stone Foot Therapy

This therapy has its origins in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian health system. The feet are massaged using smooth basalt lava stones which retain their heat when warmed. Heat therapy is particularly beneficial for arthritic conditions, to provide symptom relief and relaxation.

Warm paraffin Wax

Paraffin therapy is effective method of applying deep heat to help relieve pain & stiffness. It also helps to soften and smooth the skin. Warm wax is applied to the entire foot using a soft skin brush. The feet are then enclosed in heated booties to enhance the therapeutic effect. This relaxing treatment can provide temporary relief from arthritic pain and dry skin conditions.

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