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Toenail reconstruction & Medipedi

For many people the appearance of their feet is a significant source of embarrassment. Cosmetic Podiatry addresses these aesthetic concerns. Toenail reconstruction specifically treats damaged/unsightly toenails due to nail trauma or long term fungal infection. Medipedi combines the medical aspect of podiatry with the aesthetics of a cosmetic pedicure treatment. 

Toenail Reconstruction - from £45 (1 toe)

A prosthetic nail is created to restore the appearance of damaged or unsightly toenails. A HEMA free (low allergen) gel designed for toenails is layered over the damaged nail and cured under an LED lamp. The gel is flexible and bonds strongly with the nail for a long lasting result. The nail lasts 4 to 8 weeks on average. Ideal for summer months or before a holiday or party.

Medical Pedicure (£75 to £85)

Fusing foot health with beauty, this is the ultimate foot treat. The podiatry aspect addresses foot health concerns and ensures sterile procedures and instruments are used to prevent cross infection. The treatment includes a hot towel foot cleanse, podiatry treatment, moisturising foot mask and the option of nail polish application or hydrating nail treatment and a mini foot massage to hydrate the skin and relieve tension. All products are podiatrist approved including a protective skin and nail oil, hydrating nail treatment, and breathable nail polish infused with vitamins and Argan oil.

Foot & calf massage & paraffin wax therapy

We also provide massage to relieve tension in the foot & calf and warm wax treatment during winter months to sooth arthritic pain. See the booking tab for more information.

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