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MSK Podiatry

Our MSK specialist podiatrist, Andrew, takes great pride in helping people walk and run pain free. Being a keen walker and fell runner he understands the frustration when an injury puts you out of action.

Andrew specialises in treating injuries and arthritic conditions in the foot and ankle. His main priority is to get you safely back to the activities you love and stronger than you were before the injury. Runners often gain PB’s in their sport post treatment.


Andrew is able to support anyone with a foot or ankle injury or musculoskeletal foot problem in their return to activity by using exercise therapy, gait retraining and orthotic prescription if required to support recovery.

Initial assessment & treatment £95

A full history of your injury is taken, and current and previous activity levels discussed to set goals for rehabilitation. Further diagnostic tests may include joint assessment, testing muscle strength and assessing gait/movement using video analysis. These tests assist diagnosis and allow improvements to be tracked over time, helping to get you back on your feet quickly. Initial assessment includes the 1st treatment and exercise prescription.

Follow up Treatment £45

Treatment may consist of rehab exercises to improve strength and mobility, strapping/taping, orthotic prescription, gait re-education, training modification and training schedules in the lead up to events.

Orthotics £100 to £300

Andrew will only prescribe a foot orthosis following assessment, if it is deemed necessary to help towards the treatment goal. With orthotics, the benefit is gained when the product is chosen and customised to suit the individual and their biomechanics. This is a specialist skill which takes years of practice. Our orthotic prices reflect this and vary depending on the amount of modification and customisation required, materials used and time taken. We now produce orthotics in house meaning you can usually walk away with your custom made orthotics on the same day of your appointment!

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