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Routine Podiatry

Conditions we can help you with

Corns, Callus & Cracked Heels

Podiatrists are skilled in using a scalpel to remove hard skin or corns. Foot structure, footwear, medical history & lifestyle are all considered to establish the cause and help prevent recurrence.  Each treatment ends with the application of a high-quality foot cream.

Ingrowing Toenails

We aim to help you resolve this painful problem as quickly as possible and can often treat the nail at the 1st appointment and provide advice to prevent it recurring. For an ongoing problem, we offer nail surgery to remove a section of the nail under local anaesthetic for a more permanent solution.

Fungal nails & athletes foot

If a skin condition such as athletes foot is not treated properly, it can spread to the nail. We can advise on the most effective treatment. Nail fenestration is a treatment where tiny holes are drilled through the nail plate to enable topical nail paints to penetrate through the nail to the site of infection. 

Damaged/unsightly nails

No more embarrassing feet! We offer nail reconstruction/prosthetic nail. This involves rebuilding or improving the nail appearance. For more information please visit the 'Toenail reconstruction' page on the website.

Diabetic foot care

We offer routine diabetic foot care, advice and diabetic foot screening including assessment of skin, nails, circulation and nerve sensation.


We can provide routine foot & nail care, footwear advice and insoles to improve comfort & prevent pressure areas caused by changes in the shape of the foot. Annual foot checks for people with rheumatoid arthritis include assessing the skin condition, joint function, circulation & sensation to the feet.


A verruca is a type of wart on the foot. Treatment is not always necessary but if pain or function is affected, we can debride overlying hard skin to improve comfort and offer home treatment advice.  For troublesome verruca’s in adults we provide Falknor's Needling, which can improve the body’s immune response to the virus.


Initial appointment £60

We allow additional time for your first appointment to allow us to take a medical history and perform any assessments needed. This may be vascular, neurological, skin or joint assessment. We feel it is important to allow time for you to fully explain your problem so we can understand your desired treatment outcome and discuss treatment plans.

Follow up podiatry £40 to £50

We discuss progress and address any concerns before a full podiatry treatment is carried out including foot cream application at the end of each treatment. Prices vary depending on the extent and type of treatment required. 

Nail Surgery package £280 (1 toe) £350 (2 toes)

Our nail surgery package includes the surgery appointment, all dressings and the initial post treatment follow up appointment. Subsequent dressing appointments are £28 whilst the toe is healing. 

Verruca needling package £220

This treatment involves anaesthetising the foot and using a fine hypodermic needle to repetitively puncture through the lesion to produce an immune response in the area. The package includes 2 post treatment follow ups.

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