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Keeping Active At Home

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As we are asked to stay at home and gyms are asked to close home exercise has never been so important.

It should be quite obvious that whilst confined to home our levels of physical activity and exercise reduce. After a few days of reduced activity the body starts to atrophy or weaken, muscles become weaker, bones lose their density and the heart and lungs will suffer too. Keep this going for a few weeks and our bodies will be far weaker than they were before social distancing started. Even if you only walked round the office, car park and supermarket the effects of sitting down at home for prolonged periods of time will have their effect. A weakened body means increased risk of injury as the bodies ability to cope with stress decreases. In a few weeks or possibly months, when we return to normal living and normal exercise not only will or performance be reduce but we will also be at a greater risk of injury.


Physical health is not the only thing that will suffer, mental health will too. With increased worry about little or no income stress levels increase. Which in turn increase inflammation with in the body and decrease sleep quality. Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce all of the side effects of stress and anxiety. It has been proven to reduce inflammation within the body, improve sleep quality and decrease levels of anxiety. Not only that it also increases the production of feel good hormones such as dopamine and seratonin.

We have produced 2 home exercise packs that you can download for free. One is for runners and the other is for non-runners or people new to exercise. Each pack contains 10 exercises with pictures and written descriptions of how to do them and 3 different workouts. The runners programme has 2 strength workouts and 1 circuits routine. The Exercise For All programme contains 1 circuit, 1 HIIT and 1 Strength workout.

Please give them a go and see if you can end lockdown fitter and stronger than you are now!!

Oh, and let me know how you get on too via facebook.com/AyresHealth or Instagram @AyresHealth



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