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Plantar Fasciitis?

Andrew can help heal your heel pain

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Hi, Heel pain is one of the most common conditions that I see in our musculoskeletal clinic. Quite often people have been to see other professionals and tried many self help treatments before they come to Ayres Health but eventually they end up here.


So what do I do that the others don't?

Firstly I am a runner and dog owner. I have had foot and ankle injuries myself and life can be hard when Chip is going nuts because his walks have been shorter or not a frequent as usual. I also need the endorphins and head space that running gives me. I know what life is like when there is a constant pain noring away at you.

Secondly, I am a podiatrist which means I have spent 3 years learning about gait the foot and how it works and how to fix it when it goes wrong. As a podiatry student I realised that treating injuries motivated me than anything else. Since then I have focused my career on treating musculoskeletal injuries of the foot and ankle. Since graduating I have completed a Masters degree in Injury and Rehabilitation and now teach other podiatrists about rehabilitation.

How can I help you?

I view rehabilitation as journey that you and I go on. The start of the journey is clear diagnosis and the setting of goals. Then end of the journey is when your goals have been met and you are exercising and feeling better than ever before.


During the journey my job is to guide you along the way and help you get your body functioning properly and robust enough to exercise pain freeUltimately it is you who gets you better I just point you I the right direction at the right time to get an optimum result. Neither of us want you to waste time, effort and money carrying out treatments that will have little benefit.


For more information or to book an appointment please use the buttons on this page. 

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