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Come And Run With Us

In collaboration with AC Running and Fitness we are introducing 2 running groups designed to help you improve your lifestyle by getting more active and thinking about your diet.


This is a 10 week course aimed at people who want to start running. After 10 weeks you'll be able to run for 30 minutes.

5K To 10K

This is an 8 week programme aimed at people who are able to run 5k and want to progress to 10k.

All participants will receive:

  1. Weekly running sessions with Alex Cann, a professional running coach.

  2. Strength exercises and injury prevention advice.

  3. Nutrition advice and free recipes.

  4. A pack containing an exercise schedule, tone loop for home exercise sessions, freebies and discount codes.

  5. Access to a private Facebook group where you can talk to other participants, professional running coach, injury rehab professional and nutrition coach.

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