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Gift Vouchers

We offer gift vouchers for any of our treatments. This will need to either be purchased at the practice or paid for online via a link we will email to you. The voucher can then be collected or posted to you. Please email us on info@ayreshealth.co.uk or call our virtual reception on 01260408514. 


Running Programmes

£10 per programme (+postage)
Ayres Health Cheshire - Foot & Lower Limb Specialists | Walk2Run Programme


This is a postal pack containing a 10 week self led programme developed by Ayres Health in collaboration with local running and nutrition coaches. 


The programme is designed for complete beginners and aims to minimise injury risk by incorporating strength exercises and focusing on time rather than distance or speed. After 10 weeks you will be running comfortably for 30 minutes straight! 

The pack contains the schedule with QR codes linking to exercise demo's, nutrition advice, a downloadable 'recipe for runners' pack; tone loops for completing the exercises, a key ring and mini foot balm.

Advice via email from Andrew at Ayres Health is available if needed during the programme.

Ayres Health Cheshire - Foot & Lower Limb Specialists | 5K To 10K Programme

5K To 10K:

This is a postal pack containing an 8 week self led programme for people currently running 5k who would like to progress their running. At the end of the course you will be able to run 10k. This distance is ideal if you would like to join a running club and progress further with your running.

The schedule is designed to minimise risk of injury, with input from professional running coach, nutrition coach and sports podiatrist. QR codes link to video's, advice and special offers.

The pack contains tone loops for the exercises, a foot balm sample and keyring. A free, downloadable 'recipe for runners' pack is also available via a QR code.

Additional email advice is available by Andrew during the programme if needed.

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