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Cosmetic Podiatry


Cosmetic podiatry is an emerging field addressing aesthetic concerns of the feet. For many people the appearance of their feet is a significant source of embarrassment.

Conditions we can help

  • Fungal infection 

  • Damaged, unsightly toenails

  • Verrucas

  • Dry cracked skin

  • Sweaty feet 


Medical Pedicure £65

A complete overhaul of the feet. The medical aspect of podiatry combined with the luxury of a pedicure. Feet are sprayed with a refreshing foot spritz followed by a thorough podiatry assessment and treatment, addressing any areas of concern. Next the pedicure, a relaxing foot massage and application of nail polish or a hydrating nail treatment. You can bring your own polish or choose from our range of Dr's Remedy polishes, created by Podiatric surgeons to be kinder to nails.

Toenail Reconstruction from £40 (1 toe)

This is a cosmetic treatment to restore the appearance of damaged or unsightly toenails. A resin gel designed specifically for toenails is layered over the damaged nail and cured under a UV lamp. The gel is more flexible than acrylic used for fingernails and bonds strongly with the nail for a long lasting result. The nail lasts 4 to 8 weeks on average. Ideal for summer months or before a holiday or party.


Nail fenestration £35

A treatment for fungal nails where tiny holes are made in the nail to allow the fungal nail treatment to penetrate through to the nail bed and location of the infection. Topical over the counter treatments generally have low success rates due to the product not getting to where it is needed. This treatment helps address this problem.

Warm paraffin Wax £35

Paraffin therapy is effective method of applying deep heat to help relieve pain & stiffness. It also helps soften and smooth the skin. Feet are massaged with an essential oil blend. Warm wax is applied to the entire foot using a soft skin brush. The feet are then enclosed in heated booties to enhance the therapeutic effect. This relaxing treatment can provide temporary relief from arthritic pain and dry skin conditions.

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