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Injury Rehab


We take great pride in helping people walk and run pain free.  We are both keen walkers and fell runners and understand the frustration when an injury puts you out of action.

We specialise in treating injuries to the foot, ankle and leg. Our main priority is to get you safely back to the activities you love and stronger than you were before the injury. In fact, patients often gain PB’s post treatment.

During an assessment we take a full history of your injury to understand how it occurred and how it is behaving. We discuss your current and previous activity levels to help set goals for rehabilitation.

Further diagnostic tests may include assessing joint range of motion, testing muscle strength and ability to carry out certain movements. We may also assess your gait (the way you walk and run). Our gait analysis is vastly different to those carried out in running shops. These tests not only help us make a diagnosis, they also allow us to make objective measurements to track your performance over time. This allows us to adjust your rehab programme to get you back on your feet quickly.

After gaining a diagnosis, treatment may consist of a combination of the following:

  1. Exercises to improve strength and mobility.

  2. Strapping and taping to reduce load on injured tissues.

  3. Gait re-education – changing the way you walk or run to reduce stress on injury prone tissues and make you movements more efficient.

  4. Foot orthoses to modify impact forces, improve foot function and alter stresses on the foot and leg.

  5. Training modification – we can work with you and/or your coach to devise a training schedule to keep you on track for your big events.

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