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2023 roundup - Steroid injections, gait-retraining & more.

We blinked and 2023 is almost over! We hardly had time to stop as we’ve been so busy this year both in clinic and behind the scenes working on the business and keeping up to date with professional development.

Andrew is training in steroid injections and will soon have another string to his bow to help people with painful conditions. Both Anna and Andrew attended training in vascular podiatry which includes advanced assessment for arterial disease in the leg during a foot check.

Andrew delivered a course about gait re-training and he will be holding another presentation in the spring around this subject. If you’re a runner this may interest you. Gait re-training is an intervention which focuses on movement and is used to assess and adapt running technique.  Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date.

This year blog posts have been about heel pain, big toe arthritis, engineering of the foot, tennis and football injuries, ingrown toenails and the connection between our heart and feet. We try to update the blog page on a monthly basis so keep checking the website for new updates or send us a message if there’s a topic you’d like us to cover.

Outside of work we enjoyed breaks in Cornwall, Dartmoor and a random day in Snowdonia hiking the Snowdon Horseshoe. Andrew is still loving his Paragliding in the Peaks and North Wales, and Anna is often over at the animal rescue in Sandbach where she volunteers.

If you know of anyone looking for a podiatrist, we have a new ‘refer a friend’ offer so ask about this next time you’re in and help us to grow our practice so we can help more people with their footcare!

If you have visited us this year, thankyou very much for supporting our business.

We hope you have a lovely Christmas and New year and hope to see you soon! We close on 21st December and re-open 8th January after we get back from a week in Edinburgh for Hogmanay!

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