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Diabetes:15 Healthcare Essentials

If you have diabetes, there is support to help you manage your condition and you are entitled to certain free tests, checks and services every year. Diabetes UK have put together a list of these healthcare essentials. All of these services may be arranged by your GP.

1. Blood glucose test (HbA1c)

2. Blood pressure check

3. Cholesterol check (for blood fats)

4. Eye screening

5. Foot Check

6. Kidney tests

7. Dietary advice

8. Emotional & psychological support

9. Group education course

10. Care from diabetes specialists

11. Free flu jab

12. Good care if in hospital

13. Support with sexual problems

14. Help to stop smoking

15. Specialist care if you're planning to have a baby

Try to inform yourself about what tests you're entitled to and keep a close eye on your test results. Owning your own care puts you in the driving seat, helping you to manage your condition and prevent future complications.

Anna at Ayres Health spent 4 years working as part of a diabetes specialist nursing team in the NHS and understands how much diabetes can affect your life. A diagnosis of diabetes can be life changing. We are able to offer diabetic foot screening and advice about your risk level and caring for your feet at home. Please remember that to prevent foot ulcers, it is not just about good foot care. Managing your diabetes to prevent complications such as cardiovascular and nerve problems is equally, if not more important. Ensuring you access all the services you are entitled to will help you to do this.

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