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Exercises for treating Plantar Fasciitis

Common foot pains such as plantar fasciitis can be treated and prevented by keeping the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones within the foot strong. The only way to keep these tissues strong and encourage them to get stronger is by applying stress to them, we do this via exercise.

Plantar fasciitis assessment in congleton,
Andrew our MSK podiatrist assessing someone with a foot pain in Congleton

If we rest these tissues the body will notice that they are not being used and will make them weaker as a way of conserving energy. If we overload the tissue then allow time for recovery and adaptation the tissues will gradually become stronger, more robust and less prone to injury.

The video below shows a simple exercise routine that targets all the muscles in the foot and ankle. We often use these exercises in the early phases of rehab as they are great for reducing pain and targeting specific muscle groups.

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