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Festival feet: Your guide to festival foot comfort

With Festival season here, prepare for extended periods on your feet, whether you're standing to enjoy a band, walking between stages, or dancing all night long. Here are some tips to ensure your feet stay happy and healthy during the festival season.

Choose the right footwear.

Choose well-fitting, comfortable shoes that withstand different terrains and weather. Wear them beforehand to ensure they're comfortable. Walking boots are ideal for being waterproof, breathable, and protective.

Wearing wellies throughout a festival may increase the risk of fungal infections and skin irritation. 'Wellie leg' is a thing!

Avoid going barefoot to prevent puncture injuries from tent pegs, wood splinters, or drink cans.

Pack smart

In addition to your main footwear, consider packing:

  • Flip-flops for the showers to avoid catching infections.

  • An additional pair of comfortable shoes.

  • Moisture-wicking socks to help keep feet dry.

  • Cushioned plasters, blister plasters, blister prevention tape.

  • Nail file, cotton wool pads, antiseptic spray, wet wipes.

  • Cushioned insoles/heel cushions

Foot hygiene

Festivals can be muddy, sweaty affairs. Keep your feet clean and dry to prevent infections such as athlete’s foot.

  • Clean feet daily with a wet wipe, especially between toes.

  • Dry feet thoroughly and change socks frequently.

  • Apply an antifungal powder if you are prone to athlete’s foot.

  • Alternate shoe wear to allow the insides to dry out.

  • Apply a moisturising foot cream daily to keep the skin in top condition.

Treating common foot problems


To prevent blisters, wear comfortable, well fitting shoes. If rubbing starts, use a cushioned plaster or blister prevention tape. Avoid bursting blisters to prevent infection. If a blister bursts, clean the area with antiseptic spray and cover it with a dressing or blister plaster.

Nail problems

Trim nails leaving the white edge and corner of the nail visible, then use a file to smooth. Avoid cutting too short to prevent ingrown toenails. Protect damaged nails from dirt and clean them with antiseptic if bleeding, then apply a plaster to prevent infection.

Heel pain

To prevent heel pain from standing for long hours, use cushioned shoes, heel pads, or insoles. Reduce weight carried to lessen strain on feet. Gradually increase walking before a festival to avoid overuse injuries. Strengthen feet with resistance band exercises, heel raises, and balance exercises.

Hard skin/cracked heels

Use a moisturising foot cream or heel balm containing Urea daily for a few weeks leading up to and during the festival to help prevent dry, cracked skin. If you have a fissure, a hydrocolloid dressing can improve comfort and prevent infection. Heel pads in shoes can also help.


Don't forget to apply sun cream to your feet!

Festival medical teams

If you have a foot concern that is causing pain or might be infected, visit the festival medical tent. They often have Podiatrists working alongside other health professionals to treat foot problems. Prior to a festival, why not see a podiatrist for a foot MOT to ensure your feet are in the best health so you can enjoy the music in comfort!


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