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Quickly Reduce Plantar Fasciitis Pain

Plantar fasciitis pain can lead to people having time off work and stopping exercise.

Plantar fasciitis treatment, taping for plantar fasciitis
Low-Dye tape for plantar fasciits

This video shows how to apply low-dye tape to instantly reduce pain in the heel and make life more bearable.

This is a short term solution as it does very little to encourage the plantar fascia and foot muscles to become stronger. It is however a great way to reduce the aggravating loads and allow initial healing to take place.

To carry out this taping method your will need:

1x roll of 1.25cm zinc oxide tape (non stretch)

1x roll of 5cm zinc oxide tape (non stretch)

You can use other width tape but it makes life more complicated.

Elasticated kinesio tape will not work for this method, though a little bit at the end maybe useful.

If you try this method of taping and pain does not improve after 2 days go and get medical help.

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